GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse
GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse
GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse
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Introducing the next generation stylish trend in e-bikes. The GT-5 Pulse from GreenTiger e-bike. With design and engineering derived from latest technology, the GT-5 Pulse creates a new standard in E-Bikes.

At the heart of the GT-5 Pulse is an integrated 1.5 kW electric motor which offers unique levels of control and performance never seen before in its kind; Developed by GreenTiger E-bike team, the GT-5 Pulse is the new trend in E-Bikes.

Without the traditional pistons, crankshaft, clutch, and other mechanical parts rotating at thousands of rounds per minute and leaving the clutch, gearbox to the past, the GT-5 Pulse creates a new dynamic in handling and control—what can only be described as a unique riding experience.


Seamless from Production to Performance

A statement and challenge— GreenTiger represents the highest standard in E-Bike design, development and production.

Utilizing the latest state of the art components coupled with advanced production methods, GreenTiger is the new trend of quality and performance e-bikes.

Amazing to Ride. Carefree to Own.

The GreenTiger drive system is powered by a 1500 watt BLDC motor with direct drive, which requires no clutch or gear shifting. Free from having to match gear ratios with clutch, you can simply focus on enjoying the ride. In addition to a better riding experience, the GreenTiger drive system reduces mechanical complexity which virtually eliminates all routine maintenance.

Simply put, every GreenTiger is designed to provide a better riding experience which redefines a new thrill and sensation to every ride.

Discover the thrill of Electric


GreenTiger wants to make average riders good and good riders great. We chose electric because nothing connects your right wrist to the rear tyre like an electric motor. The throttle response can be perfect, the torque is smooth, and you don't have to "reset" traction with each gearshift.


The GT-5 Pulse is stylish, appealing and rigid. It has a tough chassis, designed to handle being dumped, dropped, slid and tipped in the tough roads in BD.


The GT-5 Pulse bikes have a strong role to play in tackling urban congestion, traffic noise, and city lifestyles whilst conscious of the modern time pressures.

Where the other engine motorcycles often reveal the clatter of chains, gear and rattle of metal parts of growling engines, the quiet Gt-5 Pulse is so well sorted that it makes virtually no sound at all.

Brakes & Tires

Stopping power and response is enhanced in the GT-5 Pulse with advance hydraulic front disc brakes and rear caliper drum brakes. Coupled with the advance e-ABS braking system technology which allows the GT-5 Pulse an unparalleled level of control.

Getting a flat tire on your way to work or when you are out enjoying a carefree e-bike ride is no fun. It can also be stressful fixing the flat tire!

The GT-5 Pulse comes with a tough tubeless tyre specially designed for electric bikes. An original comfortable, sporty look low profile tyre with low resistance combined with better road-handling and maximum safety.


Riding on a twin tube hydraulic suspension front fork and high pressure gas charged rear shock, the GT-5 Pulse carries the best quality of equipment offered on any electric bike of its kind. Perfect for the road conditions in Bangladesh the GT-5 Pulse offers a high degree of comfort and control.


The GT-5 Pulse is equipped with forged alloy wheels and each wheel is heat treated and designed to reduce weight and inertial forces felt by the rider which enables the GT-5 Pulse to drop into turns and carve out perfectly in every corner.

Energy Storage

The GT-5 Pulse is powered by maintenance-free SLA technology GEL battery for excellent range and performance. Think cities, towns, college campuses, business parks, offices, industry zones—anywhere, The GT-5 Pulse is there to move in the challenge. With the GT-5 Pulse, you can now move about efficiently, avoid gas stations and do it all with a smile on your face.

Once you’ve ridden the revolutionary GT-5 Pulse, you’ll understand. It’s the right mix of performance and stability, delivered with speed matching the traffic system in BD. The GT-5 Pulse offers an impressive mileage range; it’s a both easy-to-ride daily commuter and weekend fun machine.


1200 Wh Battery


75 kilometer

Top Speed:

50 km/h

Recharge Anywhere

Recharging is easy. Just open up the seat cover, pull out the charger and connect to the point close the seat, and plug the other end cord into a standard 220V outlet. That’s it. Within three hours you’ll get 70% of your total range back.

Total "zero-to-full" charging times are up to six hours. Think of how many outlets you have at home, work, shopping and everywhere in between. You can “recharge them off” at any point, giving you peace of mind no matter where you roam around.



Inspiration, Innovation and Design

The GreenTiger team passionately believes that better bikes make a better world. E-bikes brighten our commutes, help make our cities cleaner and more vibrant, and bring a smile to our faces. The GT-5 Pulse is designed with one simple goal: Give more people more to smile about.

Great design makes all the difference, its more than just the appearance – it’s about the entire rider experience. The GT-5 Pulse allows both novice and experienced riders alike to go with ease – and then it’s impossible to imagine riding anything else.



  • Extremely rigid and standard lightweight grade forged steel frame
  • Beautifully sculpted bodywork and new aerodynamics fairing provides improved efficiency
  • Integrated, lockable storage compartment
  • Sleek LED projection headlight and LED tail light
  • The headlight, dash, key switch and bodywork are refined to provide elegant instrumentation and a sleeker front end.
  • Standard passenger accommodation



  • Braking system is precise, easy to control and requires little effort
  • New rear brake caliper with a integrated e-ABS provides more controlled and powerful braking
  • Wider low profile tubeless tyre for a larger contact patch and better traction


  • Robust clamps, head tube and head bearings for improved control and durability
  • Specialized front forks and rear gas charged shocks
  • Unique standard grade double rear swing arm for reduced weight and increased rigidity


  • High contrast backlit LCD screen features that allows you to better understand your state of charge, and view other useful riding information
  • Easy right-hand switch assembly with integrated switch to toggle on the ride between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Speed for custom riding modes
  • High intensity projection LED headlight
  • Keyed ignition switch and steering lock with built in wireless security control for improved security and peace of mind
  • Beautifully designed comfortable seat

Zero Exhaust. Zero Emissions.


The GT-5 Pulse consumes no petrol, no oil, and creates no exhaust fumes during its normal course of operation.

GreenTigers’ 100% electric motor power train significantly reduces CO2 and noxious fumes emissions while also saving oil reserves. Regardless of any reason conserving oil and reducing tail pipe emissions offer a wide range of benefits.

And for those who truly aspire to absolute energy independence or eliminating emissions, it is even possible to power a GreenTiger using completely renewable energy sources. For example: Solar powered charging.

Regardless of where the energy comes from, there’s something very freeing about passing the petrol stations as the prices continue to hit new highs.


- Max Speed: 50 - 55 km/hr
- Mileage: 70 - 75 km
- Braking: Front Hydraulic Disc & Rear Caliper Drum Brake
- Tyre: 80/90 - 14
- Fork: Telescopic Fork
- Frame: Light weight steel frame
- Battery Type: Maintenance free SLA GEL Battery
- Capacity: 1200 watt h
- Voltage: 60 volt
- Charger: 110v-220v (50/60hz)
- Recharge time: 5 - 6 hours
- Estimated life: 18 months
Motor & Gear
- Motor type: Brushless DC
- Power: 1500 Watt 60 volt
- Gear: Integrated rear-wheel hub mounted drive
- Controller: All-digital electronic control and motor drive system
- Instrumentation: One central LCD digital display shows speed, battery charge, head light and side light indicator
- Weight: 110 kg (242 lbs)
- Seat height: Approx 889 mm (35")
- Load Capacity: 2 passengers
- Warranty: 06 months limited warranty
- Service: 01 Year Free Service
- Emissions: Pollution- Zero; Co2-Zero; Noise-Negligible


GreenTiger was launched in 2009, with a future vision of establishing a sustainable market in Eco Friendly Electric Vehicles. The company’s vision is to build itself as a reliable brand for electric vehicles, with consistent innovation in low carbon emitting green transportation system. GreenTiger shall always try to devote its resources to improve people's transportation conveyance in an Environment Friendly manner. And always maintain its strict principle of "sustainable innovation, competitive products, and the best service to consumers"

GreenTiger states a revolution. A revolution against traffic, overcrowded public transportation, parking hassles, pollution, global warming, high oil prices… But this revolution is quiet.

We wish to grow together "hand in hand" with our members, resellers and our valuable consumers.

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Rider Experience

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GT-5 Pulse


Max Speed

50 - 55 km/hr


Braking: Front Hydraulic Disc & Rear Caliper Drum Brake


Battery Type: Maintenance free SLA GEL Battery
Recharge time: 5 - 6 hours


Motor type: Brushless DC
Power: 1500 Watt 60 volt


Financing Options

0% Flexibuy Option from AMEX.


• 06 months limited warranty
• Service: 01 Year Free Service

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