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Mailing Address (for correspondence)
GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse

Dial: +8801972484437 , +8801949303808




You can change this at any time.

Please read and agree to the Reservation Agreement

2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse Reservation Agreement

By submitting a 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse Reservation Agreement (defined below), you (“You” or “Your”) agree to the following terms and conditions with GreenTiger E-Bike (“GreenTiger E-Bike”). You agree to pay a BDT-10,000 Reservation List Fee (the “Reservation List Fee”) by credit card, check or online transfer. The Reservation List Fee is fully refundable, less a BDT-1000 processing fee, should You choose to abandon Your reservation.

Reservation List

If Your 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse Reservation Agreement is accepted by GreenTiger E-Bike, Your name will be placed on the Reservation List for the 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse E-bike (the “Reservation List”). Your numeric position on the Reservation List will be established by GreenTiger E-bike in its sole discretion and is not transferable to any other party.

GreenTiger E-bike may decline reservation requests to avoid an oversubscription situation or as it deems appropriate, and if GreenTiger E-bike declines your Reservation List Fee it will return any funds paid or provided to GreenTiger E-bike and will not deduct the BDT-1000 processing fee for such return.

You acknowledge that 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse motorcycles may be built and distributed for purposes of in-house and third-party testing, evaluation, and display prior to production of any vehicles for customers on the Reservation List and that inclusion on the Reservation List does not guarantee a 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse E-bike.

Production Notice

GreenTiger E-bike may notify You as a member of the Reservation List regarding possible availability of the 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse E-bike and will discuss Your options with You at such time. The estimated delivery dates, final specifications, and acquisition (or any post-acquisition refund) terms and conditions will be established at the time orders from the general public are accepted and are subject to change without prior notice. Sales will be finalized by and in accordance with requirements applicable to our authorized dealership facilities in applicable area. Your submission of this document does not constitute a sale of a 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse E-bike.


GreenTiger E-bike or You may cancel Your Reservation Agreement and obtain a full refund of the Reservation List Fee at any time, less the BDT-1000 processing fee.


Other than your right to obtain a refund of your Reservation List Fee for a BDT-1000 processing fee, GreenTiger E-bike reserves the right to change any of these Reservation Agreement Terms for any or no reason, and without prior notice to you. However, if you are unhappy with any change by GreenTiger E-bike, you can terminate your Reservation Agreement participation at any time, subject to the BDT-1000 processing fee.

Use of Funds

GreenTiger Motorcycles reserves the right to use Reservation List Fees for operating capital and for purposes determined by GreenTiger E-bike in its sole discretion. The Reservation List Fees will not be held by GreenTiger E-bike in a segregated account.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information We Collect. GreenTiger E-bike will collect the following information from you when you submit Your Reservation Agreement, and Your submission of the Reservation Agreement consents to our collection of such personal information: -Name -Address -Phone Number -Email Address As a member of the Reservation List, GreenTiger E-bike may ask you for additional information about yourself from time to time (“Additional Information”). You may choose whether to submit Additional Information to GreenTiger E-bike, however, Your submission of Additional Information to GreenTiger E-bike indicates Your consent to the use of such information as provided herein.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information.

Your personal information will be used by GreenTiger E-bike to provide the services to You listed herein and contact you regarding availability of a 2014 GreenTiger GT-5 Pulse. GreenTiger E-bike may also use your personal information for internal purposes, including informing you of additional products and services from GreenTiger E-bike, improving our services, or answering questions You may have. We may receive information from third parties with whom we have business relationships, and will combine this information with the other personal information we maintain about you. In such cases, this policy governs this information.

Disclosure to Third Parties.

We do not sell, rent or share personal information with third parties without your prior consent, except in the limited circumstances described in this agreement. We share personal information with third-party vendors and contractors who assist us in performing internal functions necessary to operate our business. We may share your Personal Information with any of our business partners that may be of interest in servicing You, improving electrical capacity in Your neighborhood, or answering questions You may have. For example, Your personal information may be used to inform You about charging station installation services. Use of Aggregate Data. We may also aggregate statistics that we gather about our customers and provide these statistics to third parties. However, when we do, these statistics will not include personal information that identifies individuals.

Legal Disclosures.

We may also use, disclose, and communicate Your personal information if required to do so by law, including by an order of any court.


If you do not consent to the use or disclosure of your personal information by GreenTiger E-bike other than to provide you Reservation List services please contact GreenTiger E-bike.