Product cost would be based on website/showroom available products. We have different prices for our products. Please visit our page or our website to see and find your appropriate one. 

                And also we have our registered service agents near your area. And the agents will decide the Service charges depending on the work. 

                Green Tiger sells electric bikes and e-cycles providing after-sale services and spare parts. for dealers, There is a big chance to improve their business with more facilities.

                Green Tiger provide 6month battery, controller and charger guarantee with 1-year service warranty.

                Yes, you can get after-sale services because our spare parts are available and with our agent's service center, you can repair your e-bikes with service charges.

                We have 3 showrooms.
                Head office Dhaka :  104/2 Kazi Alauddin Road, Dhaka  Rangpur:-37 tikadaepara,college road, alamnagar and

                 Rajshahi:- Rajshahi new market road, beside Upohar cinema hall, Bowalia, Rajshahi.

                Except Vip roads, it's allowed to ride on every road because there is no registration law for e-bikes.

                Product availability is based on website/showroom products. Please check out the website "E-bike" page for models

                No registration needed for E-Bikes but for Government laws you can carry your personal driving license.

                We have EMI options. Which is applicable for 3-36 months with your credit card. 

                There are also 19 banks for EMI on our website which you can get by visiting the website

                With a transport system, you can get your product outside of Dhaka you can get 1000 to transport cost from Green tiger. You can also order through our website in that case if its parts then they will be delivered to your home. If it's a bike then it will be delivered to your nearest agent or dealer. 

                For pictures message us on our Facebook page "Green Tiger", our customer support team will give you the picture.

                Give us your number on our Facebook page "Green Tiger", We will note your number, our product shall come when it will come we will call you.

                Exchange battery can be rate 300 takas +

                With our provided auto charger there is no problem with overcharge issues.

                First step is to fill up the dealership form. We will then review the review form and get in touch with you within few days. Form link:-

                We provide discounts and offers on a monthly basis. keep an eye on our facebook page and website for upcoming offers .  

                You need to wear helmets, carry your driving license and check brake and accelerator 

                Battery prices varies with the market price.The current price listing has been mentioned on our website.

                Yes we have 3 wheelers available at Green Tiger. For assembling 3 wheelers, we charge 15,000 bdt extra. Please note that we do not provide any warranty for 3 wheeler vechicles.  

                For buying spare parts from outside of Dhaka. you will have to place the order from our website along with the delivery charge.

                We have GT goodies containing of special gifts iteams for our customers.

                 Green Tiger is a Bangladeshi brand. All our product are manufactured and imported from China, and assembled in our factories in Bangladesh.

                The switches used in our e-bikes are waterproof, and our bikes will not get damaged in the rain. We do suggest to avoid roads where water is more than knee-high to avoid any kind of inconveniences.

                It depends on usage but usually it runs for 7-8 years.

                • Must be 220V AC Voltage compatible. It may take more time to charge when the voltage fluctuates. However, charging time may be reduced if a good quality thick wire is used.

                The speedometers of all our bikes are waterproof.

                • When washing the bike, water cannot be fed directly through the water pipe between the controller and the battery under the seat. The seat can be washed with water.

                • You cannot fit 60 volt lithium battery in a 48 volt lead-acid bike

                We are trying heart and soul to increase our service agents. And we want your suggestions also where and to whom we can appoint service agents. If you know someone who can be our agent please let us know, Beside we have one service agent who provides home services also we have other service agents you can find their details on our "store locator" website page. 

                Worldwide, Electric bikes have more associated costs than traditional bikes. These additional costs include making a battery, motor controller, motor itself and other components. This makes it harder for electric bike manufacturers to keep prices down as it is an innovative product and requires constant R&D work.
                Additionally, unlike any other electric bike companies in Bangladesh, we are ensuring the best customer support, trained and Certified technical experts for solving any kinds of issues with your e-bike, portable lithium battery for the new models, and of course, the price also comprises of all the operational costs for maintaining our factory, warehouse, showroom and office setup where experts are working hard to make sure you get the best service from us.

                Knowledge Based Questions

                Green Tiger was launched in 2009, with a future vision of establishing a sustainable market in Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicles. The company’s vision is to build itself as a reliable brand for electric vehicles, with consistent innovation in low carbon-emitting green transportation systems. Green Tiger shall always try to devote its resources to improve people's transportation conveyance in an Environment-Friendly manner. And always maintain its strict principle of "sustainable innovation, competitive products, and the best service to consumers" GreenTiger states a revolution. A revolution against traffic, overcrowded public transportation, parking hassles, pollution, global warming, high oil prices… But this revolution is quiet.
                We wish to grow together "hand in hand" with our members, resellers and our valuable consumers. 

                W e are the first brand to bring in e-bikes in Bangladesh and we have been operating for more than 12 years. Our motto is to provide the highest quality products and top-notch service to our users. You can check out our Facebook page and group for customer reviews. For any further information, we are just a knock away!

                follow the following easy steps to sign up with green Tiger.

                - Click the sign-in button      
                - Click I don't Have an account     
                - Fill the form with your email and phone number     
                - Click Send OTP
                - Type the OTP(One Time Password) given to your phone number in the previous form
                - Click Confirm

                Green Tiger has prepared privacy policies in order to protect user policy.
                Click here to see more:

                Business hour 10.00 am - 8.30 pm

                CS hour 10:30  AM - 8.30 PM

                All our delivery services are done by a renowned and trusted third party courier service. We will try to make the delivery as quick possible if there are no unavoidable circumstances, But we will try to deliver within a week of order confirmation. Orders place on our website are delivered typically 72 hours from the date of confirmation,In case of unavoidable circumstances products can take up to 1 week to deliver.However , we make sure to inform customers beforehand about any unavoidable situations.

                We will try to make the deliveries as quick as possible if there are no unavoidable circumstances. But we will try to deliver within a week of order confirmation.  

                They need to show the invoice which was sent by the company via email.

                we have our registered service agents near your area. And the agents will decide the Service charges depending on the work

                Green Tiger's service agents are assigned in your area. The service charge depends on the kind of solution they provide you with.

                Bkash, SSL direct bank account or  Cash for spot purchase

                For Bkash:    Click payment through Bkash from the payment page. 

                Go to you Bkash account

                Click payment

                Type our Bkash merchant account number - 019-8385-3333

                Provide your PIN

                Click payment. 

                Send us your Trxn ID via email to

                For SSL: 

                Click payment through SSL from the payment page 

                Give your card details 

                              Follow SSL payment procedures 

                For Bank

                Click pay with bank

                Pay as per given bank details

                Send the payment copy to

                For ordering through our website, you will have to make the full payment in advance via SSL commerz, bank deposit, bkash, credit card.

                You can pay via cash if you buy products directly from our showroom 

                Bangladesh Government has not yet implied any laws for E-bikes or Green Tiger. E-bikes are a new product for this country but the government has taken initial steps for making a law for E-bike. 

                we recommend you to carry your driver's license with you when riding our bikes although it is not mandatory

                There are two types-
                1.lead-acid based:-
                2 years durability  


                2.lithium :- 3 to 3.5 years durability

                  easier to handle

                  latest technology

                  more mileage

                  Slightly expensive  

                -C ost-effective, no need to fuel up


                -Safety issues

                -No need for registration    

                follow the steps to complete your order from our website:

                1. 1.You have to sign up on our website to place an order
                2. 2.Select your preferred product and click on ''add to cart''option.
                3. 3.After selecting all your products, you can click on ''process check out''
                4. 4.The payment page will appear where you will be given the option to pay via SSL commerz and bkash.
                5. 5.We will get a confirmation call from our support team within the next 24 hours.
                6. 6.You will get a confirmation SMS when your product is handed over to our third party delivery team
                7. 7.Upon receiving the package, you will get another SMS confirming the delivery of the product
                We take 7 days to deliver your product.

                You can contact green Tiger customer support from  this link. 

                -If the payment is done you need to contact our customer support immediately. If the order has not been processed yet we may correct it.    

                Our after-sales services are taken care of by our service agents. For more detail  click here

                - Yes you can. Although we encourage you to carry your license, helmet, and other documents necessary for safety and security purposes.

                Although we do not want to compare our products and services with other companies, because we solely believe in providing our customers with newer designs and models. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves by providing the best support to the users.
                Our bikes come with lithium batteries, range in different colors, and come in upgraded qualities. 


                1.Lithium batteries are more powerful and provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. 2.They are more durable and will last longer. 3.They offer you maximum power and reliability. 4.These batteries are very light in weight. 5.They can be charge extremely fast. 6.These batteries have high energy density and a longer lifetime.

                If you want to convert your lead-acid battery bike into a lithium battery bike, you can contact your nearest service agent to get it done. Let us know if you want us to help you get in touch with one. 

                Lithium batteries consume less electricity compared to lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries are only 85% efficient, whereas Li batteries are more than 95% more efficient and charge faster.

                Lithium batteries charge faster, last longer, and have a higher power density for more battery life in a lighter package. When you know a little about how they work, they can work that much better for you.

                We use very high-grade lithium Batteries. These batteries give a longer lifetime of 3-5 years. Also, it has lesser weight so you can have better mileage.   Lithium batteries are made of different chemical compositions. You can get a general idea if you google it. But we will not be able to reveal our composition due to our policy. 

                    On getting a faulty or damaged product, customer must notify our customer service team via Facebook or Email with the invoice/order number. Our policies on these rare events are as follows:

                    1. 1.A customer must inform us within 24 hours on receiving the product.
                    2. 2.We will bring back the product for investigation or have it checked by a nearest service agent. We will take approximately another 72 hours for the investigation to be over.
                    3. 3.We will provide an update after the investigation is completed.
                    4. 4.If the product is found damaged before delivering it to the customer, we will have the product repaired or replaced.
                    5. 5.In case of sending the wrong color of the product, we will replace it with the right one.
                    6. 6.In case if nothing is wrong with the product, we will send it back to the customer and the customer will have to take care of the delivery charges.
                    7. 7.If the customer does not like the color/model/feature of the bike after getting the delivery, we will not be able to replace the bike or refund the money.
                    8. 8.We have replacement warranty on our bikes motor, controller, battery. So in case either of the parts get damaged, we will have them replaced with new ones.

                    To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.