Savings calculator using Green Tiger Electric bike

Calculate your yearly savings by inserting your daily commute distance. You can even customize the data by providing the cost of your current petrol bike according to the city you reside in.

Engine Motor Bike
Cost of Fuel Cost of Charge
BDT 33375
BDT 2728
Yearly Maintenance Yearly Maintenance
BDT 8000
BDT 1200
Total Cost Total Cost
BDT 41375
BDT 3928
Total Saving with Green Tiger : BDT 37447*

* Electric Vehicle in consideration is the GT-Fenix XR having 1 Li-Ion Battery

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* Number of Commuting Days in Year 300 days
* Per Charge cost BDT 10
* Per charge Electricity consumption 1 KWh or 1 Unit
* Per Charge Run 55 KM
* Maintenance charge
( Tk per 3 months)
Petrol Bikes = BDT 2000
Green Tiger Bikes = BDT 300