Getting Started 

 How do I order online?
  • Follow the steps to complete your order from our website:
    1. Sign up with your email address or phone number
    2. Select your preferred product and click on the ''add to cart'' option.
    3. After selecting all your products, you can click on ''process check out''.
    4. The payment page will appear where you will be given the option to pay via SSL commerz , bank deposit or mobile banking (Nagad,Bkash,DBBL etc)
    5. You will get a confirmation call from our support team within the next 24 hours.
    6. You will get a confirmation SMS when your product is handed over to the delivery team.
    7. Upon receiving the package, you will get another SMS confirming the delivery of the product.
    8. We take 72 hours to deliver your product. 
    9. Follow this link: 
Is there any need for a bike license and registration? 
  • No Registration is needed for e-bikes. But as per government laws, you can carry your driving license and wear helmet with you when riding an e-bike.
 What is the delivery method? 
    •            Delivery Inside Dhaka:
      • Orders on our website are typically delivered 72 hours from the date of confirmation. Delivery time can change if there are any unavoidable circumstances. However, we make sure to inform customers beforehand about any unavoidable situations, the transports costs will be 1000 takas for e-bikes and 150 takas for spare parts

      • For deliveries outside of Dhaka:
      • Orders placed on our website are delivered typically 5-7 working days from the date of confirmation With a transport system, you can get your product outside of Dhaka you can get 1800-2500 taka for e-bikes and 200 taka spare parts transport cost from Green tiger. You can also order through our website in that case if it's parts then they will be delivered to your home. If it's a bike then it will be delivered to your nearest agent or dealer.
  • They need to show the invoice which was sent by the company via email.
  • For ordering through our website, you will have to make the full payment in advance via SSL commerz, bank deposit, bkash or credit card.
    • You can pay via cash if you buy products directly from our showroom 
    • Online method:
    •  Bkash: 
    •  Click payment through Bkash from the payment page. 
      • Go to your Bkash account.
      • Click "make payment" option.
      • Type our Bkash merchant account number - 019-8385-3333.
      • Provide your PIN.
      • Click payment. 
      • Send us your Transaction ID via email to or contact with our customer support
    • Credit Card:
      • Click payment through SSL from the payment page 
      • Give your card details 
      • Follow SSL payment procedures 
    • For Bank
      • Click pay with bank
      • Pay as per given bank details
      • Send the payment copy to
           Offline method:
                 Cash payment is available for spot purchase.
  •         We have EMI options. Which is applicable for 3-36 months with your credit card. 
  • There are also 22 banks for EMI on our website
  • Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for upcoming offers.
  • Green Tiger has prepared privacy policies to protect user policy.
  • Provide us your number in our Facebook page or via live chat, we will notify you when we re-stock the product.
  • Contact our customer service immediately. If the order is not processed yet, we can cancel the order.


  • Our service hour is from 10 am to 7 pm.
  • E-Bike:
    Green Tiger provide battery  6 months replacement warranty and 4.5 years service warranty for lithium battery & 3 months replacment warranty for lead acid battery, 6 months replacement warranty for controller and 1 year replacement warranty for motor.
    Green Tiger provide 6 months replacement warranty for battery, 6 months replacement warranty for controller and 6 months replacement warranty for motor.
  • E-Bike & E-Cycle:
    For motor:
    1. If water enters into the motor,
    2.If someone modifies the connection of motor,
    3.If overweight is carried,
    4.If you try to open the motor.
    For Controller:
    1. If water enters into the controller.
    2.If someone modifies the connection of the controller.
    3.If overweight is carried.
    4.If you try to open the controller.
    5.If you modified your e-bike with extra accessories (extra horn,extra led light, fog lights)
    For Battery:
    1. If water enters into the Battery.
    2.If someone modifies the connection of the battery
    3.If overweight is carried.
    4.If you try to open the battery box 
    5.If you modified your e-bike with extra accessories (extra horn, extra led light, fog lights)

  • Our policies on these rare events are as follows:
  1. A customer must inform us within 24 hours of receiving the product.
  2. We will bring back the product for investigation or have it checked by the nearest service agent. It will take approximately another 72 hours for the investigation to be over.
  3. We will provide an update after the investigation is completed.
  4. If the product is found damaged before delivering it to the customer, we will have the product repaired or replaced.
  5. In case of sending the wrong color of the product, we will replace it with the right one.
  6. In case nothing is wrong with the product, we will send it back to the customer and the customer will have to take care of the delivery charges.
  7. If the customer does not like the color/model/feature of the bike after getting the delivery, we will not be able to replace the bike or refund the money.
  8. We have a replacement warranty on our bike's motor, controller, and battery. So in case, either of the parts gets damaged, we will have them replaced with new ones.
      • You can service/repair your e-bikes from our authorized service agents. Find the nearest agent in your location: .
        • If service agent is not available in your area, Please contact to our support team.
    1. On purchasing an e-bike, you will get 3 service coupons which you can use for bike repairment. 
    2. For electric bicycles, coupons can be used only to fix electrical functions such as batteries, motors, or controllers. For other issues, users can contact the customer service department for getting suggestions about bike repair.
    3. A service charge is applied after 3 coupon cards are used. And the charge depends on the bike issue.
      • Exchange rate is 300 taka for lead acid battery and for lithium battery it will be 200tk per kg
      • You have to place the order from our website. We will send you the product via courier service or you can contact with our customer support.


      • You will not face any overcharging issue with our provided auto charger.
      • It is recommended that the riders use protected gears such as helmets, check brakes and  accelerator when riding an electric bike. We also suggest carrying your driving license with you.
      • we only have two-wheelers available.You can get any of our bikes with 3 wheels custom made for you. For assembling 3-wheelers 15000 BDT chargers will be added. Please note that we do not provide any warranty for it. 
      • We provide GT goodies such as t-shirts, key ring, and 3 service coupons when you purchase an electric bike from us.
      • Our products are imported from China and assembled in our factory in Bangladesh.
      • The switches and speedometers used in our bikes are waterproof. Our bikes do not get damaged in rain, but we suggest keeping away the bikes from the roads which contain knee-high water to avoid any inconvenience.

      • We also suggest when washing the bike, water cannot be fed directly through the water pipe between the controller and the battery under the seat. The seat can be washed with water.
      • For Lithium battery: Typically the lifespan of an electric bike is 7-10 years depending on the bike model and battery type. but mainly it depends on how you are using the bike.
        For Lead Acid battery: 
        Typically the lifespan of an electric bike is 2-2.5+  years depending on the bike model and battery type. but mainly it depends on how you are using the bike.
      • Must be 220V AC voltage compatible. We recommend thick wire to be used when charging it. 
      • You cannot fit 60-volt lithium battery in a 48-volt lithium e-bike.
      • Joy Rider Lite is a lite version of the joyrider model, Joy Rider Lite comes equipped with a 60v 20Ah lead acid battery that provides 60–65 miles of the price range with 82,000-89,000 BDT.

      • Joyrider comes with 48-volt lead acid battery which provide 150km mileage and Joy Rider Lite comes with 60-volt lead acid battery which provide 60-65km
      • Green Tiger bikes come with Lithium Batteries and Joy Rider Lite comes with Lead Acid Battery

      • Our price breakdown is as follows:
        1. Depending on the battery type, motor and controller.
        2. On-going R&D costs.
        3. Customer service.
        4. Trained technical authorized service agents.
        5. Guaranty and warranty on bike components.
        6. Operational costs for maintaining our factory, warehouse, and showroom.
      • Lithium batteries are lightweight, give better mileage, and can operate for 7-10 years. Lithium batteries have a power density of 3 to 4 times greater than lead acid batteries.


      You have to invest a minimum of 4,60,000 BDT to be a Green Tiger dealer.

      Yes, you need a showroom for the dealership and its size has to be  300-500 sqft.

      You do have a trade license and have to provide us with your NID copy.

      You have to take minimum of 5 bikes to start.

      The commission amount depends on the bike's battery voltage. 

      Dealership contractual period is of 2-3 years. The contract will be renewed after that.

      Yes, 10-15% commission on parts is provided. 

      We involve our dealers in all our marketing campaigns. We also provide marketing materials in that area.

      Yes, we will appoint agents in areas where dealers have been activated.

      Yes, there are benefits for achieving targets within 6 months. 

      No. Bikes can not be returned if not sold. 

      Yes, we will provide service trainings if needed.

      To get the details about area-wise dealership policies, Please contact our customer service team.

      There is no warranty on the bike's body parts, The Warranty will be provided only on the motor, battery & controller.

      Dealers will bear courier charges when parts are ordered.

      Service Agents

      Service charge is 250bdt minimum.

      Yes please check out the website to see the available parts.

      Yes, money has to be paid in advance. 

      No depends on the service,the fee will depend on it.

      250bdt for each service coupon can retained .

      A service agent will be able to earn an estimated amount of 10k per month. 

      Yes we provide agents training (on spot/in our office premises) and provide certification.

      Training can be day long or can take up to 2 days, depending on trainnee previous experience and skill an our capacity.

      Our team will notify when the training is confirmed. 

      Fill up the form which is given below:- 
      pay registration fee can be paid via bkash or cash
      training date will be set after on batch of triness are acquried 

      Yes,after first training, the fees has to paid from then on.


      Currently its not available

      Yes we take battery customized orders. for customized order please contact with our customer support team. 
      Hotline: 8801988441199 , Whatsapp: 01987878741 , mail:

      They need to send the battery directly at Green Tiger showrooms for servicing, They just need to pay the service charges.

      No need to change controller and converter. But charger is mandatory to change for lithium battery. 

      Yes you can purchase lithium battery in EMI option from our website as like our bike policy

      What "Ah" is this battery?

      For Lithium battery it is 48 volt 1000 watt battery ,60 volt 1200 watt. 
      For Lead Acid battery it is 48 volt 120 ah battery & 60 volt 26 ah battery.

      Because its specifiation are high with new technology, long lasting, saves electricity, light weight 

      10-14 kg on avarage.

      6 month official replacement warranty from purchasing date and 4.5 years service warranty .
      1 year official replacement warranty from purchasing date and 3 years service warranty .

      No issue you will get benifited. 
      Instructions for battery converting:

      Yes they can conert there bikes with Green Tiger lithium batteries.

      Yes Green Tiger will bear the installing cost of lithium battery if any one purchase from our website or showroom

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