"Let Her Ride Like A Queen"

For all the women out there who have a burning desire to ride motorcycles, Green Tiger has created a groundbreaking and attractive program of "Female Bike Training".

A woman riding a bike in today's world is not only eye-catching but also causes a stir. When it comes to biking, women are generally expected to ride in the backseat and not bring their own gear. However, as time passes, more and more women are defying gender conventions, one bicycle at a time. Women are now pursuing motorcycle riding as a career, a hobby, or a combination of the two.


About trainer

When I used to take my child to school with an e-bike, other parents would ask me about riding an e-bike. So I started this training program with them which was initially offline then I started it on a larger scale online. I have been training for about 4 years. So far I have trained 140+ people. I take a lot of care and training in a perfect way.

With my training, many parents and students today are able to ride their bikes perfectly.

"I don't train in a way that I can just drive. I train a student not only to drive but also to drive on the road without any hassle."
- Gazi Afsana

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In an unprecedented move, Green Tiger is now arranging training for female bikers. The core purpose of this initiative is to promote Bangladeshi women to acquire to ride a bike so that they do not have to rely upon others' or public transportation to move around.  Green Tiger believes in women's empowerment so what better way to promote the empowerment of women than to let them ride bikes?

As a special feature of this program, a female instructor will assist the learners in learning to ride a bike. Hence,  Green Tiger will assign female trainers towards this program.


Training Activities 

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